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Review Nocrich

Every Tuesday we organize a women's meeting where mainly the neighbors from our location in Nocrich come together to read the Bible. This year there will be a Christmas party with these people and those who are involved in the aid project.

There are currently 10 employees who are actively involved in the children's program. There were several groups that supported us with the program throughout the year. In the summer we organized a day camp from Thursday to Sunday, where the children were with us for up to 7 hours a day. This was a very nice experience because we were able to see how we could get closer to the children.

In the fall we collected donations for the renovation of the playground on our premises through the support of Neustart. The group was able to build the new playground within a week. The kids love it! From January we can rent the sports hall in Nocrich and so we can continue the children's program despite the cold.


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