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Prayer requests Ukraine


The situation in Romania is currently getting worse due to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine. There are very long queues at the borders with Romania. People are welcomed into Romania and provided with various things (medication, food, drinks). Many communities and companies are doing incredible work in this area. Coaches and vehicles are already on the way to take people to different cities in the country or to European countries.

Many families and communities are taking in Ukrainian refugees and caring for them until more doors open. Often it's a matter of coming and going.

Today we packed two buses with large trailers. On Monday we received 60 boxes of care products, which we sorted specifically for the border areas. 40 mattresses were donated by a company.

We also take existing mattresses from our warehouse with us. We also packed longer-lasting food, blankets, sleeping bags, bed linen and medication.

We drive to the border area of Sighetu Marmatiei, where we have 2 contact points. We support the siblings there so that they can take in and care for people while they are in the accommodation. We are trying to organize together that the refugees are driven directly from the border into the country.

In the Suceava and Siret area, they work closely with the Red Cross. A good network has been built between companies, organizations and communities. This way you can get news quickly and act accordingly.

It is possible that we can even travel to crisis areas. The situation is constantly changing. That's why we're praying and thinking about whether we should drive a vehicle across the border into Ukraine. First we will look at what the situation is on site and act accordingly.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer!

- Matthias Ruopp & Team

Always stay up to date?

If you would like to go on the trip, we would be happy to take you along via WhatsApp. Send us your cell phone number and we'll add you to the group!

If you would like to support our Ukraine project financially, you are welcome to do so via our well-known account:

Mission Work Open Doors

IBAN: DE94 6005 0101 0004 0031 06

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