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Operations in Ukraine

In the last few months we have been able to organize some transports (with food, medical supplies, clothing, etc.) to Ukraine. In Suceava we support a refugee home that currently houses over 75 orphans. In October we drove with several vehicles and trailers to Chernowitz in the Ukraine, where Matthias Prusak was the main manager. The trip was carried out in different stages: Chernowitz (where Matthias Ruopp was there), Kiev and to the Donbask area (current war zone).

A trip to Ukraine is planned for December 16th, with 2 vehicles from Germany (Mathais Prusak and Christ Brotherhood Triefenstein), one vehicle from Sibiu (Matthias Ruopp) and one vehicle from Ukraine. These are loaded with petroleum stoves,

Gensets, warm blankets, sleeping bags, clothing and food. Packages are also collected in Germany and Romania with the motto “Light and Hope”. The packages contain e.g. Flashlights, food, warm clothing, etc.


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