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Our work in Uganda

Off Tu Mission - this is the name of MOT in Uganda. The name is derived from the first letters of the German name (OFFene TUeren). The focus of the work in Uganda is evangelism among children in schools, in children's homes or on the streets. In this way we can help children in difficult life situations and bring them closer to God's love.

EST. 1997

“God bless your going out and your coming in from now on and forever.” - Psalm 121:8

With this verse, Kathrin and Johann Nietsch began their emigration to Mukono, Uganda, at the beginning of 1997. Her desire was to reach children with the gospel. Therefore, the work started with the first school evangelizations from the station in Mukono. 



A team from Off Tu Mission regularly travels to various regions of the country to proclaim God's Word, especially at schools. Through the outreaches we are able to reach many hearts and see how the work bears fruit when decisions are made for Jesus.

Year after year we have seen how the work in the area of school evangelism grows. Therefore, in recent years we have been able to experience how God opens and then closes doors for further stations in Uganda. We currently have three active stations:



Working with street children led to the desire to build a children's home to enable children to have a regular everyday life and attend school. The children's home was built on the main station in Mukono in 2008 and has since offered space for 45 children. The maintenance and school fees are financed through sponsorships. 

Working with street children has been close to our hearts for over 20 years. As a team and as a management, we want to offer children who are on their own a home and give them love that they don't know from home. Every child has a story, but also a dream. Many people want to become doctors or lawyers. Some want to become craftsmen or mechanics. We see the need every day and try to make a difference, step by step, life by life. We currently have capacity for over 20 more children in the children's home, but unfortunately we do not have the sponsorships to bring the children to us. Schools have become extremely expensive and so have maintenance costs. We need support. You may not be able to get all the kids off the streets, but you can change a life. 

If you would like to provide a child in Uganda with school education or a place in a children's home, you are welcome to register for a sponsorship here.



We want to provide the children from the children's home and the surrounding area with a high-quality, Christian-based education that will enable them to grow into responsible citizens.

Our school was founded in 2009 and we now have children from kindergarten to seventh grade. Some students come from the village and are only there during the day, but we also have a boarding school on site. The vision of the school is to produce competent and godly students. 

We are still in the process of expanding the school and have recently built a central amphitheater so that the children and teachers can eat together under one roof and also gather as a whole school. 

In Kinoni (southern Uganda) there was a girl in the 7th grade in a school who was not at school because the school fees were not paid. She came to the gate where Martin, one of our employees, was still there. She had heard that visitors were coming. The security guard let her in and she was allowed to attend our program at school. 

After the skit, we asked her what she learned. She shared what she learned and immediately said she wanted to give her life to Christ today. She still had to go home, but because she was so brave and came anyway, she got what she hoped for. 

Testimony of Mbarara

Our team

Without our great teams, we wouldn't be able to implement these heartfelt projects. Thanks for your support!


John & Kathrin Nietsch

Head of Uganda location

Mukono Team.jpeg

Mukono team

Central Uganda

Mbarara Team.jpeg

Mbarara team

South Uganda

Arua Team.jpeg

Arua team

North West Uganda

Prayer requests

1 / That people recognize our motivation (God's love) and become questioning about Jesus

2 / That open doors are used to share the gospel
3 / That our employees boldly confess Jesus
4 / For preservation during the many journeys

5 / Good cohesion in the team and that the employees do not lose sight of their vision



Protecting the World's Most Endangered Species

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